Professional Translation

JM Text Ltd is a small British/Scandinavian family business registered in Falmouth, United Kingdom. We provide high quality translation services. We work mainly for larger translation agencies. Due to elaborate non-disclosure agreements, we are not allowed to mention our end clients or even contact them. But if you imagine 10-20 of the largest industrial companies in the world, chances are we've worked for at least one or two of them. While many large (world-leading) translation corporations take credit for the high translation quality and fast turnaround times, we are the ones staying in the shadows, carrying out the actual translation work. (Direct clients welcome.)

GDPR Policy: We do not store any personal info. We do not send out newsletters. There are no trackers on these pages = we have no idea if anyone visits them. If you have sent emails to us at any point, your email address and the contents of said email, including appendices, will have been automatically stored by our email software (Mozilla Thunderbird). You can contact us via and you can request a copy of the details we may have concerning you. You can also request deletion. If you request deletion, we will delete your details according to your wishes.

Translation assignments are anonymised on request. Clients have 90 days to check the quality of the translation. After the 90-day period, the job is to be considered approved. We will then delete the source text files and the corresponding translated files and we will keep no further record of the work. If clients request us to carry out additional work on already translated files after the 90-day period, clients must send us the same files again and set up a new job assignment.

The following language combinations are available:

  • English into Swedish
  • Danish into Swedish
  • Swedish into English
  • Danish into English.

JM Text Ltd is registered for VAT in the United Kingdom.

Areas of competence

  • technology
  • industry
  • IT and computing
  • software localisation
  • technical manuals
  • power tools
  • electronic equipment
  • patent applications (into Swedish only)
  • safety-related information
  • business documentation
  • business agreements
  • advertising
  • media
  • tourism
  • patent applications (into Swedish only)

Words of Wisdom

Our aim is to provide accurate, reasonably fast and competitively priced translations.

We are service-minded and painstaking, and we always take great pride in our work.

Julie and Magnus Rubensson/JM Text Ltd